We are data driven and knowledge-centric so you
can make the best college decision.

Meet Julissa


After a rewarding career in the technology industry, I am excited to launch Germosen Education Advisors, a college admissions and early career launch consulting firm. 

At Microsoft, I worked with government leaders, educators and students in the US and around the world, discussing the educational requirements and skills students need in order to successfully compete in the global economy. It was this work with educational leaders and education NGOs at Salesforce.org that drove my desire to help students through the increasingly complex college admissions and early career process. With my background in technology, edtech and nonprofits coupled with a desire to help students make the best fit college decisions, Germosen Education Advisors was born. 

Because of my over 20 year career in the tech industry, I approach college admissions and career planning from a different perspective. In addition to guiding students through each step of the admissions process, we do so while also developing and honing skills future employers and hiring managers look for. THINK: Executive Function, Confidence, Branding, Speaking, Social Media, and Professional Presence. These skills are necessary whether you are in high school, college and after graduation.

For current college students and recent graduates, I advise those looking for meaningful first jobs, internships and additional skills-building learning not available at colleges and universities. We look at gaps and create a plan to address your challenges and goals. This is the individualized path from college to career. 

To learn more about my background and how I can help you, contact me here.