4 Tips for Choosing a College Major

Choosing the right college major is a crucial matter. Students today have endless options at their disposal for future career paths. You may feel the stress of making that choice right now or in the future. I am glad to say that we are here to help as a resource to guide you towards making the correct and worthwhile choice. Here are 4 tips:

  • Do Your Research: There are several online resources available that provide information in helping you choose a major. With a simple google search, I found these helpful resources at the Princeton Review and Big Future. The information available includes overall program costs, salary expectations, employment rate and advanced degree opportunities.I recommend you weigh the costs and benefits for each possible major and make your choice from there. So please, DO YOUR RESEARCH! :D  Additionally, make sure you meet the high school course requirements for a particular major.

Also, there are resources online that detail people’s first-hand experiences in their college major on sites like Reddit. Use this outlet but know that Germosen Education Advisors is also here to help guide you towards the right choice.

  • Get a Taste of Everything: During my first semester of college at Rutgers University they offered these special courses called “FIG Seminars”. These one-credit courses are taught by upperclassmen with expertise in their specific major and essentially offer mini-previews of what each major would entail. I strongly recommend you take a few of these courses if your college offers a similar program. If not, during the first semester take a multitude of classes that peak your interest to experience what you like and don’t like firsthand.   
    If you find yourself not being able to decide on one major, have no fear because you can double-major! This is a relatively popular option at most colleges and allows you the possibility to major in things at opposite spectrums such as an Engineering AND Art History degrees. I recommend you weigh the costs and benefits for each possible major and make your choice from there.

  • Listen to Yourself: At the end of the day, you are going to be the one who has to deal with all the hurdles of completing your chosen major so make sure you love it. If you don’t see yourself on that career path 20 years or even 10 years from now, make a change! College is the time to experiment with future career paths so take advantage of that! Don’t feel rushed or inclined to complete a 4-year degree in the first major you choose because that is the “standard”! Everyone has their own path in life, don't be afraid to forge your own.
  • Applying As an Undeclared Major: Believe it or not, I was an Undeclared major my first semester of college. I thought I was alone in my indecisiveness but soon realized there was a multitude of people in my same shoes. So, have no fear and doubt in applying as an Undeclared major because there are many like you in your shoes. Know there are on-campus resources such as Academic Advisors, Peer Advisors, and friends who can help guide you in making your decision. Also, looking back at it now I was glad I made the decision to declare this way because I didn't feel pressured to continue down this path, unlike those that declare their major from the start.